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TalkIP has the ability to manage and maintain our own infrastructure (not making us dependant on 3rd party suppliers, or service turnaround times). We are able to diagnose the problem immediately and offer the service you demand as a customer.  We offer onsite and hosted PABX’s Feature Rich platform:

  • Comprehensive Firewall
  • Comprehensive Network Management
  • Comprehensive Call Recording
  • Mobile Telecommunications Options
  • Constant off-site monitoring and fault resolution
  • Free Software upgrades

Comprehensive Call Centre Solution:

  • Inbound analytical software
  • Predictive and progressive dialling
  • Full suite of visible analytics i.e. wallboard / dashboard web base and reporting 


Talk IP has partnered with world class connectivity providers offering high level SLA’s and rapid repair time.  We have offerings that cater for every business requirement including FCR, LTE, Wireless and Fibre connectivity.


Talk IP has invested in years of testing to provide our own voice platform to our valued clients.  We offer exceptionally competitive rates across all networks.  We can also tailor make a solution for any size entity, from SME’s to large call centres.

IT Support

Talk IP offers trusted IT support for businesses which includes (but is not limited to) Email management , Data Management (covering storage, protection and recovery), Technical Support (SLA and adhoc), creating a secure Environment (protection against viruses, hacking, ransomware) and collaboration.

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